Approved April 18, 2022

Floyd County Democratic Committee

The Floyd County Democratic Committee does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.


The name of this organization is the Floyd County Democratic Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the FCDC”).


The FCDC will be an active, visible, and vital political force in Floyd County.

The purpose of the FCDC is to:

  1. Expand Democratic Party membership and engagement;
  2. Identify, promote, and support Democratic candidates for local, state, and national offices.


Section 1. Voting Members

The FCDC shall consist of persons elected at a biennial meeting called for the purpose of the reorganization of the FCDC as directed by the Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan (hereinafter referred to as “the Party Plan”).

Membership candidates shall certify that they:

  1. Are a registered voter in Floyd County, Virginia;
  2. Identify with and support the principles of the Democratic Party of Virginia (hereinafter referred to as “the DPVA”);
  3. Will support the candidate(s) endorsed by the FCDC and/or DPVA.

Section 2. FCDC Election of Voting Members

Voting FCDC members shall be elected at a public meeting in accordance with the rules in the Party Plan.

  1. Elections will be held between December 1st in odd numbered years and the 15th of the following January;
  2. Unless otherwise resolved by the FCDC, elections will be held on a Saturday;
  3. All membership candidates shall file an application form five days prior to the reorganizational meeting;
  4. Membership term shall be until the next FCDC reorganization election unless removed;
  5. The use of proxy votes is prohibited.

Section 3. Rights and Duties of Voting Members

  1. It is the right of all FCDC members to participate fully in the business of the FCDC;
  2. It is the duty of all FCDC members to abide by the Party Plan and these bylaws, to attend meetings of the FCDC, to campaign actively on behalf of all Democratic candidates, and to fulfill other duties as the Executive Committee may assign;
  3. FCDC members are expected to aid in organizing their precincts, recruit members, and raise funds for the benefit of the FCDC and to support candidates;
  4. Members have the right to inspect FCDC documents by requesting such in writing to the Chair.

Section 4. Changing Membership Status

  1. A non-voting member may apply to become a voting member;
  2. A voting member may change their status to a non-voting member by notifying the Membership Committee in writing.

Section 5. Revoking Voting Membership Status

The FCDC shall have the power to remove the voting status of any member of the FCDC for cause. Such action will not be undertaken without written notice to the member and the opportunity for appeal to the FCDC.

  1. Should any person’s voting status be removed, they have the right to appeal to the congressional district committee in which the FCDC is situated, within fifteen days of the act;
  2. Unexcused absence, of a voting member, from three meetings of the FCDC within a calendar year shall constitute grounds for loss of voting status. Justification for absences from Special or Regular meetings must be given either in writing or orally to the Secretary or Chair;
  3. When unexcused absences occur, the Executive Committee will notify the member in question, in writing, of the voting status change to be announced at the next meeting of the FCDC unless such member files a written request with the Executive Committee to be first heard at the next meeting. After such hearing, at which the member in question may explain the absences, the FCDC may, on motion duly made and seconded, vote to retain such member’s voting status. Such action shall be by a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance.

Section 6. Ex-Officio Members

The following individuals will be considered ex-officio members of the FCDC and are invited to participate in FCDC functions. Ex-officio members have no voting privileges, except those that meet the membership requirements in Article III – Section 1.

  1. Democratic State and Federal legislators representing Floyd County;
  2. District Committee Chairperson from the Congressional District in which Floyd County is situated.

ARTICLE IV. Non-Voting Members (Floyd Friends of Dems)

Floyd Friends of Dems are non-voting members that support the purpose of the FCDC by volunteering with events and other activities that the FCDC may request.


The officers of the FCDC shall consist of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 1. – Election of Officers

The FCDC officers will be elected immediately following the FCDC reorganization election (see Article III, Section 2) and in accordance with the Party Plan.

  1. Officer candidates shall be voting members of the FCDC in good standing;
  2. Candidates shall file their intention to run for FCDC office, in writing, prior to the call to order of the biennial election;
  3. Nominations shall be taken from the floor;
  4. Voting shall be by voice vote unless a candidate is unopposed in which case the presiding officer declares the nominee elected by unanimous consent.

Section 2. – Duties of Officers

The duties of the Chair shall be to:

  1. Preside at meetings of the FCDC;
  2. Administer and execute the Bylaws, Special Rules of Order, and Standing Orders adopted by the FCDC;
  3. Make public appearances to inform the public of the policies, aims, and activities of the Party and FCDC;
  4. Work with the Executive, Standing, and Special Committees to generate interest in the Party and FCDC activities;
  5. Organize conventions within the FCDC jurisdiction when needed;
  6. Delegate or assign tasks as necessary to perform the above duties;
  7. Appoint a Parliamentarian as necessary.

The duties of the Vice-Chair shall be to:

  1. Assume the duties of the Chair in the event of absence or inability of the Chair to perform his or her duties;
  2. Perform any duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

The duties of the Secretary shall be:

  1. Custodian of the FCDC records including, but not limited to, the Party Plan, these bylaws, a list of all members and officers, the minutes of all FCDC and Executive Committee meetings;
  2. Calls the roll at all Regular and Special FCDC meetings, keep the roll of all Executive Committee meetings, and keep meeting attendance records;
  3. Takes the minutes of all Regular and Special FCDC meetings, and Executive Committee meetings;
  4. Retains the minutes and reports of all Standing and Special committee meetings;
  5. When requested, produce FCDC documents for inspection;
  6. Upon leaving office the Secretary shall surrender, to the incoming Secretary, all documents and property of the FCDC.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

  1. Receive the funds of the FCDC and disperse them as authorized by the FCDC;
  2. Prepare and present an annual budget to be ratified by the FCDC at the January Regular meeting each year;
  3. Provide a written treasurer’s report at each Regular meeting of the FCDC;
  4. When requested, produce FCDC financial documents for inspection;
  5. Is the Chair of the Fundraising /Finance Committee;
  6. Upon leaving office, the Treasurer shall surrender, to the incoming Treasurer, all funds, financial records and accounts, other records, and property of the FCDC.

Section 3. – Vacancies

  1. In the event the Chair resigns the Vice-Chair ascends to Chair for the remainder of the outgoing Chair’s term of office;
  2. Vacancies in the office of Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee and subject to ratification at the next Regular meeting of the FCDC.


The Executive Committee is granted the authority to act on behalf of and conduct the business of the FCDC between Regular and/or Special meetings.

Section 1. Executive Committee Composition

  1. The Executive Committee members shall be the Chair; Vice-Chair; Secretary; and Treasurer of the FCDC.

Section 2. Executive Committee’s Duties and Powers

The Executive Committee shall:

  1. Have general supervision of the affairs of the FCDC between its Regular or Special business meetings, fix the hour and place of meetings, make recommendations to the FCDC, and perform such other duties as are specified in these bylaws;
  2. Have the authority to appoint Special committees, as needed, to assist in conducting FCDC business;
  3. Conduct all FCDC correspondence;
  4. Distribute meeting calls, in accordance with these bylaws, for all Regular and Special FCDC meetings, and Executive Committee meetings;
  5. Report all activities and actions taken to the members of the FCDC at Regular meetings.

Section 3. Executive Committee Meetings

  1. The Chair shall call Executive Committee meetings between FCDC meetings as needed;
  2. Special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called upon the written request of two members of the Executive Committee;
  3. Three Officers present shall constitute a quorum.


Section 1. Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the FCDC shall convene monthly, as described in Special Rule of Order 1., unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Committee. All Regular FCDC meetings are open to the public at large.

The Executive Committee shall:

  1. Specify the time and place of each Regular meeting in the meeting call;
  2. Distribute meeting calls, for all Regular FCDC meetings, ten days in advance of the meeting;
  3. Use, but is not limited to using, the following customary methods of communication with members and/or the public at large: Electronic mail, United States Postal Service (hereinafter referred to as “the USPS”), other electronic or print media.

Section 2. Special Meetings

Special meetings of the full membership of the FCDC may be called by the Chair or be called upon written request of at least ten FCDC voting members. A meeting call will be distributed ten days in advance of the meeting date.

Section 3. Meetings Held Electronically

All electronic meetings will be held in accordance with procedures as set forth by the Party plan.

Except as otherwise provided in these bylaws, meetings of the FCDC may be conducted through use of Internet meeting services designated by the Executive Committee that support voting and support visible displays identifying those participating, identifying those seeking recognition to speak, showing (or permitting the retrieval of) the text of pending motions, and showing the results of votes. These electronic meetings of the FCDC shall be subject to all rules adopted by the FCDC, to govern them, which may include any reasonable limitations on, and requirements for, FCDC members’ participation. Any such rules adopted by the FCDC shall supersede any conflicting rules in the parliamentary authority but may not otherwise conflict with or alter any rule or decision of the FCDC.

Section 4. Order of Business

Unless otherwise authorized by the Executive Committee and by prior notice in the meeting call, the Order of Business shall be:

  1. Call to Order; Roll Call/Validate Quorum; Approval of Minutes; Reports of Officers, Executive Committee, Standing/Special committees; Unfinished Business; New Business; Adjourn.

Section 5. Quorum

  1. Thirty percent of all voting members shall constitute a quorum;
  2. Unless specified otherwise, in these bylaws, a majority vote of voting members present shall resolve a question before the FCDC.


Section 1. Membership Committee

The membership committee works to expand Democratic Party membership and engagement in Floyd County.

  1. As many members as the Executive Committee deems necessary will be appointed in January of even numbered years;
  2. The members of the Membership Committee elect their own Chair;
  3. Membership term is for two years or until the FCDC is reorganized biennially;
  4. The Membership Committee receives, reviews, and makes recommendations on applications for membership;
  5. Vacancies will be filled by the Executive Committee.

Section 2. Campaigns Committee

The Campaigns Committee works to identify, promote, and support Democratic candidates for local, state, and national offices.

  1. As many members as the Executive Committee deems necessary will be appointed in January of even numbered years;
  2. The members of the Campaigns Committee elect their own Chair;
  3. Membership term is for two years or until the FCDC is reorganized biennially;
  4. Vacancies will be filled by the Executive Committee.

Section 3. Fundraising/Finance Committee

The Fundraising/Finance Committee shall prepare a budget for each fiscal year. The Committee undertakes fundraising activities necessary to fund the FCDC budget so that the FCDC can achieve the purpose of the FCDC, as outlined in ARTICLE II of these bylaws. The committee may, from time to time, submit amendments to the budget for the current fiscal year, which may be adopted by a majority vote.

  1. As many members, as the Executive Committee deems necessary, will be appointed in January of even numbered years;
  2. The Fundraising/Finance Committee is chaired by the FCDC Treasurer;
  3. Membership term is two years or until the FCDC is reorganized biennially;
  4. Vacancies will be filled by the Executive Committee.

Section 4. Auditing Committee

An Auditing Committee of three FCDC voting members shall be appointed by the Executive Committee at the FCDC January meeting, whose duty it shall be to audit the Treasurer’s accounts at the close of the previous fiscal year and to report findings at the February Regular FCDC meeting.

Section 5. Ex-Officio Members of Committees

Any member of the Executive Committee may be an ex-Officio member of all committees described in Article VIII except for the Auditing Committee.


The rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised” shall govern the FCDC in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with:

  1. Code of Virginia, as amended;
  2. The Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan;
  3. The bylaws of the FCDC insofar that they do not conflict with IX.a. and/or IX.b. above.


These bylaws may be amended by the following procedure:

  1. The proposed amendment(s) must be presented in writing at any Regular meeting of the FCDC;
  2. The Executive Committee shall electronically send via Email or United States Postal Service, as needed, to the voting members last known Email or physical address, a copy of the proposed amendment(s), ten days prior to the next FCDC meeting;
  3. At the next Regular FCDC meeting, the proposed amendment(s) are considered and may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

These Bylaws are pending approval of the Floyd County Democratic Committee.


Special Rules of Order supersede any parliamentary authority, as specified in Article IX – Parliamentary Authority, with which these rules conflict.

  1. Special Rules of Order may be added, deleted, or amended upon prior written notice in a meeting call distributed not less than ten days before the meeting date;
  2. Special rules of order may be ratified with a two-thirds vote.

Special Rule of Order 1.

The FCDC shall meet on a day of each month determined by a poll of voting members conducted within sixty days after the biennial reorganization meeting.

  1. For calendar years 2022 and 2023 the FCDC Regular meeting shall be held on the third Monday of each month of the year unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Committee.


Standing Orders are administrative details that support the bylaws with instructions as to how a section of the bylaws will be implemented.

  1. A Standing Order may be added, deleted, or amended by a majority vote at any Regular meeting of the FCDC.

Standing Order 1. – Meeting Call

The Executive Committee shall send out meeting calls for all FCDC meetings ten days in advance. The call shall include:

  1. Date, time, and location of the meeting;
  2. Draft of the Minutes taken at any previous meeting(s) yet to be approved;
  3. Order of Business if to be different than Article VII – Meetings, Section 4.;
  4. Program announcement if there is to be one.

Every effort will be made to assure the meeting location is ADA accessible.

Standing Order 2. – Roll Call

At each Regular and Special meeting of the FCDC the roll shall be called by a sign in sheet. This sign in sheet will facilitate a record of attendance and certify that the meeting is quorate.

  1. The sign in sheets shall have the names of all members in alphabetical order by last name;
  2. Space will be provided to the right of the names for the members’ signature or initials;
  3. The Secretary shall have a table at the meeting venue entrance with the sign in sheets and pens for the members use;
  4. Voting cards shall be issued to the members that sign in. No voting cards shall be issued to new applicants until the applicant’s membership is ratified;
  5. The Secretary shall have membership application forms on hand for new applicants to complete. New applications shall be considered at the next Regular meeting of the FCDC;
  6. All sign in sheets shall be retained by the Secretary until the next reorganization meeting.

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