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The Floyd Democrats Campaign Office ribbon-cutting on Sept. 15 was a success with special guest Sen. Tim Kaine. A throng of Democrats gathered at 115 W. Main St. for the simple ceremony. Afterward, some 70 of us trekked over to Hotel Floyd for a potluck meal and remarks by Renie Gates, our candidate in Senate District 7, and Patty Quesenberry, our candidate in House District 47, as well as Senator Kaine.

“It’s really important that you are doing what you are in Floyd.”

–U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine

“It’s really important that you are doing what you are in Floyd,” Kaine said, reviewing how much is at stake in this year’s and next year’s elections. In the Senate, a Republican is shutting down all military promotions, while “House Republicans are cheerleading to shut down the government.”

Republicans, he said, if they take the House of Delegates this fall, “will roll back Virginia’s status as the only state in the South with legal abortion, would roll back voting reforms, roll back our energy and environmental progress.”

Three candidates and a host: From right, Renie Gates, Senator Kaine, Patty Quesenberry and Kamala Bauers. Photo by Roberta Thacker-Oliver. For more, see the Floyd Press.
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